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European  Remembrance
The EU founding fathers

Europe Hopes is a young association born from the desire to live fully Europe!  Our goal is to provide a bridge between the European Union and its citizens. Through constant researches and the monitoring of the decision-making processes in Europe, we intend to spread a clear and timely information about EU policies and initiatives.

Autumn 2016 - Europe HOpes is cooperating to the project MEDEUYM!

Europe HOpes cooperating on the project MEDEUYM

Cooperation and Partnership are key words for Europe HOpes. Our association is always looking for projects to join synergies with other organizations. Therefore, Europe HOpes is pleased to annouce that we are cooperating in Catania, Italy, on the project MEDEUYM, granted within the KA3 of the Erasmus Programme. The international seminar among 70 youngsters coming from 4 EU countries will be held from 5th to 8th october. For more information do not hesitate to visit the official web page:  http://medeuym.eu/



Available in our library the books of Orseu Competition that we thank for the support given! Now we are ready to help the young europeans to dream on  and achieve their european career! Books for EPSO competition are available for consultation in our Library. Contact us for further information to beready4eu@gmail.com

READ THE FINAL JOINT RECOMMENDATION: http://www.medeuym.eu/images/reccomendation_2016_medeuym.pdf
EHO ERASMUSplanning the 3rd edition (2)
Be Ready 4 EU
Do you think you'reready for the European Union?

The aim of Project "Be ready 4 EU" is to make young people 10-35 years old aware of the meaning of being European citizens. "Be Ready 4 EU" intends generate not only a mere knowledge on EU facts but a true awareness and an active critical thinking. For each age range, our association proposes different kind of activities.

The 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome

09/06/2017, 12:32

On 25 March 2017, the EU Member State have celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Rome Treaties, the international agreement that brought to the creation of the European Economic Community that represented the starting point of the European integration

Different, Dreamers, the Young Europeans.

10/10/2016, 00:36

Personally, since I came back Italy after one year spent in Bruxelles, I didn’t imagine I could taken the European Union to my city of origin. This has happened indeed during these days, thanks to the willing of our friends Associazione Ente Unione,

Europe HOpes travels to Murcia!

19/09/2016, 13:37

Selected the 3 youth workers that will join the training course in Murcia!

EHO / Europe Hopes
The BridgeBetween EU and its Citizens

EHO / Europe Hopes
The BridgeBetween EU and its Citizens
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